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Take charge of your healing journey with this comprehensive course! Go at your own pace with Videos, Worksheets, Guides, and so much more, all aimed at helping you Heal for Real! This is the answer you've been waiting for to overcoming trauma.

Course curriculum

  • 1


    • Sooo...How Does this Go?

    • Letter from Vernique

    • My Expectation Declaration

    • Heal for Real Fasting Guide

    • *BONUS* Honor Your Humanity

  • 2

    Understand Your Present

    • The Fundamentals of Trauma

    • The Wrong Way to Heal

    • How Wounds Heal

    • Help While You Heal

    • Why Your Present Matters

    • Let's Get Practical

  • 3

    Process Your Past

    • Unveil the Story

    • Examine the Story

    • Uncover the Narrative

    • Forgiveness is a Process

    • Forgive for Real

    • Rewrite the Narrative

  • 4

    Transform Your Future

    • God's Plans Haven't Changed

    • Hard Facts

    • Make Healing a Lifestyle

    • Practicing Self-Care

  • 5

    Next Steps

    • Heal Forward

    • Embrace Wholeness